Angie Lathrop Treinen

My name is Angie Lathrop (Treinen), and I am a writer (always), chief lackey to Wisconsin’s most a-maze-ing corn maze–Treinen Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch –(seasonally), and small animal veterinarian (rarely, these days.)  I recently repeated high school as I tutor my brilliant Aspergian son.

I write science fiction and also fiction that has a lot of science… I write in my office that I share with a bearded dragon named Steve and two cockatiels (M.C. Escher and Ruffles), and I write on my porch by our horse pasture, and I write in my car (not while driving, usually.)

Authors whose books I keep close by for moral support include Neal Stephenson, Iain M. Banks, Meg Rosoff, Robert Heinlein, Max Brooks, and Max Barry. Also Christopher Hichens (God is Not Great), Ray Kurzweil (The Singularity is Near), Micho Kaku (Physics of the Impossible plus everything else), and Nick Bostrom (Superintelligence.) And all of the people on Edge, of course.


I spend a lot of time planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse–and The Singularity, because you never know which will come first.  I’ve got two sons who share my love of all things technological and awesome, and a farmer husband who is indulgent but slightly incredulous at the magnitude of eccentricity in the household.

Treinen Faily Meets Max Brooks

Here I am with my family meeting Max Brooks (author of “World War Z” and “The Zombie Survival Guide”) in October 2011

Treinen Farm Gecko Corn Maze

I am an artist who works strictly in the medium of corn…Here is my 15 acre Escher-esque gecko with Penrose tiling scales and a Fibonacci spiral tail that I designed for our 2010 corn maze.

Angie in front of Pantheon

Visiting the Pantheon.


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