Inadvertent Decapitation


I love it when unusual phrases come up in casual conversation–and I think “Wow! I’m reasonably certain I’ve never said these two words together, ever!”

It’s basically that SIP thing on Amazon: the “statistically improbably phrase”, only in real life. As in, you’re driving home from the new Godzilla movie ****spoiler alert*** and you get into a heated discussion about whether the decapitation we just witnessed was intentional, inadvertent, or just a predictable side effect of having some kind of crazy plasma-fire breathed down one’s throat, to the point where one’s head simply falls off, through no fault of one’s attacker.

Inadvertent decapitation!  

CHALLENGE: use this new phrase at least five times in casual conversation over the next two days. 1) Honey, did you mean to mow off all of the peonies, or was that an inadvertent decapitation? 2) Is it possible to perform an Inadvertent Decapitation in Mortal Kombat, or only the purposeful kind? 

I’ve just started an Evernote list of the my own personal SIPs, and Inadvertent Decapitation is the inaugural item.

Help think of more ways to work Inadvertent Decapitation into realistic, believable conversation!